Agreement For Scientific And Technological Cooperation Between

India and the European Union agreed to extend the scientific cooperation agreement for the next five years, 2020-2025, at the 15th India-EU summit chaired by Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi on the Indian side. The European Union delegation was led by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Cooperation focused on water, green transport, e-mobility, clean energy, circular economy, bioeconomy, health and ICT. Other areas, such as climate change, sustainable urban development, manufacturing, advanced materials, nanotechnologies and biotechnology, food processing and marine research, can also be taken into account in future efforts. For further information on research and innovation (R&D) cooperation with the United States, see Article I Objective The Parties shall encourage and facilitate cooperative research and development activities in scientific and technological fields of common interest between India and the Community. Article 4 Scope of cooperation Cooperation under this Agreement may include all research, technological development and demonstration activities, hereinafter referred to as `RTD`, which are included in the first activity of the Framework Programme pursuant to Article 164 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, as well as all similar RTD activities carried out in India in the relevant scientific and technological fields. This Agreement shall not affect the participation of India as a developing country in the activities of the Community in the field of research and development. Article 5 Cooperation arrangements cooperation actions may take the following forms: TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the ongoing scientific and technological cooperation between India and Canada; The Agreement establishes a formal framework for cooperation to promote, develop and facilitate activities in the fields of science and technology. Implementation Agreement between the European Commission and the Government of the United States of America on cooperation between researchers funded separately by the Framework Programme of the European Union and the United States for Research and Innovation, 17 October 2016. This will strengthen cooperation in the field of scientific and technological research, strengthen the implementation of cooperation actions in areas of common interest and the application of the results of such cooperation for economic and social purposes. Cooperation actions may take the form of reciprocal participation of Indian European research and research institutes in research, technological development and demonstration projects under the other programme. .

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