Agreement Of Engagement

The consequences of this non-compliance depend on the nature of the contract signed: it is necessary that the contract contains at least this content to enter into force: I reserve the right to watermark my intellectual property (including images, content or other works) created under this agreement, or to block or digitally protect, to protect my intellectual property rights. Please note that in the event of termination of this agreement, I am not required to provide you with the intellectual property. If you do not make the payment as provided for in this agreement, I may terminate this agreement, in which case no license is granted and I have the right to sell or grant the use of this intellectual property to another person. Although the deposit agreement has been concluded, both parties can withdraw the agreed contract, as its purpose is only to understand the intrinsic consequences of non-compliance. We may not know what type of engagement contract is if it is not stated in the signed employment contract. Any fee estimate we provide should not be considered a maximum fee or fixed pricing agreement. An estimate of the royalties is only an indication of the foreseeable amount of our costs, excluding VAT and disbursements. An estimate is based on the information we received during the estimate and is not binding. We will endeavor to inform the client as soon as possible of any significant deviations from an estimate of the fees that we have indicated, but the client is responsible for the total amount of the costs incurred, even if it exceeds the quote. The legal or natural person who appears as a customer in the letter or contract of order is the contractual counterparty of c_legal and c_legal is responsible for legal advice and assistance only vis-à-vis the customer. Third parties do not have the right to rely on the advice of the client. Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude any right or warranty to which you are entitled under the Australian Consumer Act. If my services fall within the scope of the Australian Consumer Act, I will limit our liability to you to the extent permitted by section 64A of the Australian Consumer Act; in other words, on the new provision of services or on the costs associated with the new provision of services.

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