Astral Terra Now on Steam Early Access

Greetings Fans and Followers! We have released today on Steam Early Access and could use your reviews if you have had a positive experience you would be willing to share. Thank you sooo very much for being a part of the Astral Terra community and supporting us along the way! To recap the current state of the game, please see below.

In Early Access Build:

  • Terraforming and Terrain Editing Tools (Building, Digging)
  • Dynamic World Generation(with Seeds)
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Resource Harvesting
  • Simple Crafting System
  • Interactive Cascading Water, Waterfalls, Rivers, Oceans
  • Underground Cave System
  • Basic Combat, Weapons & Spell Casting
  • Wildlife/Animals
  • World/Home items to place
  • Player Built Housing
  • 3 Starting races with 2 sexes for each race(male or female; Fae, Dark Elf, or Dwarf)
  • Attributes and XP
  • Some Survival System Components(hunger/stamina)
  • Multiplayer(cloud hosted, room based MP with up to 10 players per room)


  • More items to craft
  • Mobs(Bloodfiend ready to go, new unique mobs on the way)
  • More advanced Combat and Skills
  • Multiple armor types
  • Additional Character Races(Human, Elemental)
  • Travel to other planes(Fae Sanctum is the starting plane and there are 3 different biomes within the first starter plane). Shadow plane(already in prototype), then the elemental planes will be next.
  • Character Customization-Changing hair, body type, etc
  • Starter Missions
  • PVP
  • Dungeons and quests
  • MOB Factions(friend or foe) and Rewards

We appreciate your input thus far and look forward to more! This is a BIG day for us!