Founders Packs Available Now!

Secure Your Head Start, Early Access, and Final Release Keys among other Special Limited Edition Perks!

Many of you have inquired about contributing to the development of Astral Terra as well as how to get in on the Alpha and Beta testing phases. Your chance has arrived! The Founders Program has launched on and we are offering 3 different packs ranging from $15-$45, which will secure your key in our Head Start Program and entitle you to other special goodies. Head Start keys will be sent out prior to Steam Early Access public release and should arrive in your inboxes at the end of April 2014, next month. Your support in our Founders Program also helps fund the continued development of the game, prepare for public release and give you the chance to help shape the final version of game by being directly involved in early development.

Along with the Founders Program, we have released our latest video update showing off some of the recent game updates. Check out the new video below and head over to the Founders Pack Page for Pack options and the Founders Pack FAQ.

Other Updates

The Dwarves are here! We finished the female Dwarf avatar, here is a look at the concept to 3d game character.

Our Official Curse Wiki has launched and ready for contributions. Check that out when you have a chance!

Gratitude to everyone for supporting the project! We are 1 year in now on the development of Astral Terra and we have another year to go. With the help of the community and Steam Early Access we hope to make this game the best that it can be and we have learned a lot along the way! Thanks so much, we will see you in the Astral Vales!