Cgc Creator Agreement

The updated Creator Agreement is this one (photo attached) It is only intended for books sent by the artist or creator himself to CGC. We do not accept creative agreements that anyone other than the artists themselves make. Also, it cannot be used for demoted signatures. 10.3. Formal requirements Ancillary agreements, insurance and other agreements, as well as amendments and additions to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and their annexes, as well as to the written contract and/or order confirmation signed by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Switzerland AG (see point 3 above) require the effectiveness of the written form. The specific deviating conditions only apply if they have been approved in writing by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG. This also applies to future adaptations of the services provided by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Switzerland AG. Media content provided by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG is subject to the copyright of third parties. This also applies to so-called online documents, on which ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Switzerland AG refers to ARGUSavenue or by e-mail as part of its media service in clippings. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Switzerland AG expressly points out that the rights to the transmitted documents (including linked online documents) are not transferred to the customer at any time, but that they remain, in accordance with national and international law, with the original owner (usually the creator) or the derivative holder (the rightholder after the transfer). I must admit that my first reaction to the GSC`s proposal to approve at the 1999 Overstreet Advisor`s Conference was immediate hostility.

I`ve always been an advocate of reading the comics you buy, even if you bought them as an investment. The idea of sealing rare comics in a hardcase medium (as had been done previously by individuals with commercial products) was a horror to me. What prompted me to accept, but not support, CGC`s participation in the comic book market was its consent (under pressure from conference participants), the reasonably simple opening of their hardcases, and their willingness to make these deals less profitable and certify them. That seemed to me to be a reasonable compromise. Other shipping methods are only carried out on the basis of an explicit prior agreement. Any shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Getting creators and artists to sign comics has been part of our industry since the beginning. Unfortunately, they rarely come with an infallible guarantee of authenticity, so many collectors think it`s a risky persecution. Collectors can have their comic books, comics, photos and magazines signed by their favorite creators and artists in the presence of one of our GSC authorized witnesses. These comics can then be authenticated, evaluated and certified under the prestigious yellow CGC Signature Series label….

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