Citywide Enterprise Agreement

Responsive and innovative, we create livable cities by making available to public and private companies the full range of civil infrastructure, open spaces and environmental services. Overall, our services have a positive impact on more than 12 million Australians every day. Our range of services covers all civic assets and infrastructure management and maintenance. The city of Port Phillip`s iconic kiosk at Point Ormond required a major overhaul to create a more welcoming environment for locals and visitors – a task that Citywide`s sales team has placed well. Local Government Employees Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 8MB) When Nena Cosgrove joined Citywide`s drainage unit in June 2018 as a truck jockey, she was the only woman on the team… New Citywide Asphalt Group Manager sees a bright future in the “green asphalt” company. Cookies are a feature that is enabled for the convenience of our site users. They are used to facilitate access to our online services. Cookies automatically authenticate a user. A user can disable cookies in their web browser settings, but this may require them to manually authenticate each time they visit the PSD website.

Cookies also track user visits and help improve the custom user experience. Melbourne Gateway Historic has been renovated as part of the multi-million euro CBD plant programme. Chani Humphries loves nature and has always wanted to be einarist. but… Access all current content, including cleaning, disinfection and sanitation services for customers and the community, as well as other stakeholder consultations. ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT Reminder We are looking at a big enterprise agreement that covers all Citywide and Anzac Day, is the memory, if we have to start cashing in a few dollars a week, in case workers only invest their wages for meetings like last time. Personal data can be stored by a combination of paper and electronic documents. They are protected by security measures adapted to the nature of the information. PSD collects information in a variety of ways, including information actively provided by its sales and customer service team, its customers, as well as information resulting from surveys and general customer feedback.

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