Confidentiality Agreement For Administrative Assistant

So, yes, it happens in church, too. I even apologized to an episcopal assistant (who became bishop of the AV state) for what happened to me in the NC in the ordination process, and I received a little doubt the title of “sacrificial lamb” (without irony). To make me feel better, he said that my experience has led the diocese to change its process and make it fairer for others. But the damage was inflicted on me and would not be undone. Injustice, for sure. And I guess a lot of women (and men) have done the same for them. But who would I have reported (or most people) for a possible repair? No one. I went on and made my life the best I could do. And with wonderful friends and loved ones like you, I hope that in my little corner of the Pacific Northwest, I was able to help “beautify the world. Diana, thank you for these informative questions. I have made it a practice to write on this blog about personal experiences or on subjects and subjects of which I have in-depth or intimate knowledge. In this case, for reasons of confidentiality, I am not in a position to disclose certain incidents, but they inform the following observations and reflections. Funny, no one called you.

provided the assistant is female and the executive is male. It`s 2019! Keen and informative. I`m going to read it for all future AAs! Thanks for taking the time of this, I had trouble articulating expectations regarding privacy and why the EA position can`t be “friends” with employees. You`ve done a great job here. Her second comment/question: What is EA`s responsibility if it discovers unethical, illegal or fraudulent behaviour by its boss? They are, of course, right that their reaction will depend on the relationship that has developed between them. When it comes to openness, trust and partnership, she will be more comfortable talking directly to her boss about what she has learned. If experience has taught them that the executive would not be sensitive to such a conversation, it may be their responsibility to speak to another high-level member of the organization. Many organizations have mediators who can advise a staff member on how best to proceed in such cases. I could go on, but I will stop there for today.

That`s what I`m doing! I think your content is first class and has read all the other EA blog posts. I sent this link in particular to all future EAs who survived my first phone interview. I can say that this concept is not well seated with some of them, but others get it immediately. I`ve only had an EA in my career and I`m recruiting for someone else, so I don`t know how valuable my discoveries would be, but I`m happy to share everything. Thank you, Ryan. I would like to hear your experience as an EA or as a leader in the context of some of the topics and themes I have addressed in this series on respect and EA. I plan to review these contributions, add more and create a short “pamphlet” on executive assistants.

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