Robot Kitten Balloon Assault Starts Now

Tethys Interactive has just released Robot Kitten Balloon Assault, a fun for all ages, physics-based balloon popper game for Facebook, Chrome & Android. The game follows a group of robot kittens as they travel from the circus to exotic locations around the globe, hot on the trail of their arch nemesis, Krackles the Clown. Bounce & pop your way to the top of the leader board through 20 beautiful levels in this arcade twitch game. Visit to find out where to try and buy the game.

Robot Kitten Balloon Assault Features:

  • Physics based game play
  • 20 levels of engaging gameplay
  • Visually pleasing user interface & game design
  • Perks and point system
  • Exciting sound effects & game soundtrack
  • Tailored to ALL ages & demographics (non-violent)

About Tethys Interactive
Tethys Interactive is an independent interactive studio based in the Indianapolis, Indiana area focusing primarily on creating stunning game environments and interactive content. This is the first major release for Tethys Interactive which was founded in 2011.
Visit to find out more.