Term Of Customer Agreement

9.4 Beta period. During a beta period, XPR may terminate this agreement immediately and without notice, at XPR`s sole discretion. 9.3 Resignation for convenience. The customer can terminate this contract at any time for convenience reasons. If the customer terminates this contract for convenience, the customer must pay XPR all the sums that would be due within forty-five (45) days of such termination. After a beta period, XPR may terminate this contract at any time after a written notice of thirty (30) days for convenience reasons. 2.7 Customer support. You will find information on the customer support conditions applicable to your subscription under the specific conditions of the product. Notwithstanding the provisions contained in the previous two paragraphs, a derogator party is always free to choose its own advice when it pays for such a lawyer; and (b) without the explicit written consent of the compensated parties (this consent cannot be disproportionately retained), if (i) the third party asserting the right is a government authority, (ii) the comparison probably involves the inclusion of the exempt parties, (iii) the transaction does not involve a total exemption from liability for the parties compensated; (iii) the comparison does not include a total exemption from liability for the parties compensated; , or (iv) the comparison of conditions other than the total exemption from liability for the compensated parties and the payment of the money.

9.2 Suspension. XPR may suspend the provision of services to the customer without any liability if: (i) XPR reasonably considers that the services are (or have been used or used) by the customer in violation of this agreement; (ii) the client is not cooperating with XPR`s investigation into an alleged breach of this agreement; (iii) XPR believes that the services provided to the client were accessed or manipulated by third parties without the client`s consent or in violation of this agreement; (iv) XPR reasonably believes that a suspension of services is necessary to protect the XPR network, other XPR customers or others in general; (v) a payment for services is more than thirty (30) days late; (vi) the customer`s continued use of services may affect XPR`s services or systems or content or another XPR customer; (vii) XPR is reasonably of the view that the customer`s use of the services may expose XPR, its related companies or third parties to liability; or (viii) the suspension is prescribed by law. XPR will notify the Customer of an appropriate suspension in advance in accordance with this Section 9.2 and will heal the reasons on which the suspension is based, unless XPR determines, after XPR`s reasoned opinion, that a suspension is either on a short or simultaneous termination or an immediate suspension period is required to protect XPR, its other customers or third parties from the operation. , security or any other risk or suspension is ordered by a court or other judicial body. If the suspension is due to the breach of the Customer`s obligations under this Agreement, XPR may continue to charge the customer the service charge during the suspension and charge the customer, in the event of re-engagement of the Services, an appropriate rehiring fee, at XPR`s sole discretion. Except for the Slack Extended Family, neither party may cede or delegate its rights or obligations under that framework without the prior written consent of the other party, either by law or in any other way (not unreasonably withheld).

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