Uatp Agreement

UATP is recognized by more than 260 airlines and thousands of travel agencies around the world, allowing you to manage your travel expenses, to buy detailed travel reports. For further information “Other Convention”, any agreement other than the contract between the account holder, on the one hand, and Air Niugini and/or its associated companies, on the other hand, as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions. For more information on how to become a trader and the benefits of becoming a trader, visit our dealer site or contact In typical payment networks such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, banks are the same as payment cards. On the airline-owned UATP network, airlines were until now the only parties to issue their central accounts. “This is a very progressive step on the UATP board of directors because there has traditionally been a kind of love-hate relationship between airlines and GDS, airlines and TMCs, so you have a case here where airlines allow access to the UATP network … for companies that are not airlines,” said President and CEO Ralph Kaiser. Information: Issuers receive valuable Level III data for all online and interline travel paid for by their UATP card, including those who are the travellers, where and when they fly and how much they pay for the flight. – For customers who make 100,000 TL flight costs (excluding taxes and service charges) at the end of the first year, the following year`s contract is concluded with the approval target of 100,000 TL or more. Provided the target is met for the next term, the customer receives incentives in an increase of 500 TL. According to a statement from BCD and UATP, BCD-Corporate`s travel profiles report the use of UATP accounts issued bcD when booking with the relevant resellers. According to the press release, “BCD will help manage its customers` UATP program and provide customer service.” Dealers are airlines and travel agencies that accept the UATP card as a means of payment. In addition, UATP travel agencies may charge a service fee, administrative fee and net rates if they are merchants.

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